For Charities

  • Working with your Board, establishing a Fundraising Committee, developing the right networks

  • Many Boards offer clear and consistent leadership and support to their organisations with skilled and dedicated members. But others are not so effective. Does your Board simply fulfil a legal requirement or actively help you achieve your goals? Are they constructive or obstructive? Do they know why they are there and what you need them to do, or is there conflict and misunderstanding?

    All organisations need leadership and help in connecting with other organisations and individuals that can play a key role in helping them shape their future.

    What purpose does your Board serve you? Are you clear about what you need and how this group can help you achieve your goals? Do you have members that will add the right ingredients to your organistion? Have you any gaps in knowledge or expertise? How do you find good Board members? How do you get rid of bad ones? Are they clear, or confused, about what you want them to do for you? Are you clear about what you need to do for them?

    Your Board should play a key role in your success. They should be knowledgeable about what you do, capable in the skills they bring, constructively critical but helpful and supportive and great ambassadors for your cause. If you feel things are not working as well as they could, we can help you address key issues and put them right.