For Business

We have extensive experience of working with a variety of businesses to ensure they get the most out of the sponsorships we have managed.

Corporate Social Responsibility is an increasingly important facet of business life.

  • Are you establishing a new programme? What are the key ingredients that will work for your organisation? Where should you focus your resources to ensure value for money? How do you make the most of the support you give?

  • Do you have an existing programme but realise that it has grown unchecked and lacks a coherent strategic direction?

  • Do you have a comprehensive programme which lacks profile? Are you communicating effectively with your key audiences?

  • Is it time to move in a different direction?

  • Are the resources available to properly manage the programme or is it an added burden (and therefore probably a lower priority) for already overworked staff? Is there duplication of effort or even activity with different offices all doing their own thing independent of an overarching strategy?

  • Do your own staff know about and engage with your programme? Are you making the most of its potential effectiveness both within and outside your organisation?

  • Have you ever audited your programme or measured results? Do you know how effective it is?

Working with charities and cultural organisations often takes business into a world that is very unfamiliar to them. Knowing which relationships to establish and how to develop them to best effect can involve complex decisions. We can draw on our vast experience of working with many different arts, as well as business, cultures to provide an independent view and help you to get best results.

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and you are getting best value from your investments.