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  • Struggling to recruit good fundraisers?

    We can offer a solution to staffing problems in the long and short term.

    Recruiting an experienced and efficient fundraiser is one of the most challenging HR issues, particularly for arts charities. Good fundraisers are often reluctant to relocate and conditions, pay and resources are often less attractive than in other areas of the voluntary sector.

    We can assist in a number of ways.

    Recruiting a new member of staff gives you the opportunity to reassess the current staffing structure for this function in your organisation. Are you sure the post you are about to advertise gives you the most effective arrangement? Does the Job Description need rewriting? What package should you be offering? How and where do you advertise to try and attract the best candidates? What do you need to ask at the interview to make sure you get a genuine picture of someone’s ability? We can help you prepare for the recruitment process, review applications and input at interviews.

    Perhaps you have been through the recruitment process and not found an ideal candidate but someone who has the potential to grow into the post – with a little help. We can provide a helping hand by mentoring good fundraisers to help them become great fundraisers!

    Another option is for us to help you directly. We have worked for many organisations over the short and long term sometimes to cover temporary absences like maternity leave or compassionate leave. We have also worked on long term projects establishing principles and strategies, managing staff on a daily basis and overseeing ongoing sponsorships, corporate schemes and other projects to ensure the organisation can continue to fundraise effectively whilst pursuing the ideal of an in-house member of staff.

    We help you keep the momentum going whilst recruitment takes place.