For Charities

  • Trust Fundraising - the complete service!

  • UK Trusts & Foundations are independent grant-making bodies giving over
    £2 billion a year to charity so it is no surprise that they are an important ingredient in the fundraising mix.

    Some are very large, many are very small and they all have their own different guidelines and priorities as to what they will support. Generally, they will fund what the government doesn’t. Some will support capital costs and one-off purchases of equipment, others focus on project costs.

    We can run a trust fundraising service which will research those funders most likely to support your cause, help you to present projects in a manner most likely to attract funding and manage successful bids.

    Working alongside existing staff or simply running the operation in its entirety, we will become a part of your organisation to make sure we offer an integrated approach and a good understanding of it’s culture, projects and priorities.