For Charities

  • Programme Review & Evaluation

  • How often do you stand back and take an objective review of your fundraising?
    Are you achieving your full potential (and how do you know what that is)? You may have reached your target but could or should you be doing better?
    How does your fundraising compare to other similar organisations, regionally and nationally?
    What’s working well, could be doing better, or isn’t working at all?
    What steps can be taken to put things right?
    What should you be concentrating on for the future?
    Are you missing a trick?

    This is where an independent but informed view can be extremely useful to an organisation. We can ask questions of your staff and supporters that you might find difficult. They will tell us things that they wouldn’t necessarily feel able to tell you. We offer a completely confidential Programme Review and Evaluation Service which simply aims to give you an objective assessment of your fundraising.

    Far from being a negative experience which people sometimes worry it is going to be, we find it a very positive process that can sometimes uncover surprising things about your organisation that you didn't know. It can be a helpful way of identifying areas which have been overlooked but where real progress is being made and perhaps more resources should be directed. Occasionally it can highlight a problem that you are not aware of but leaves you in a position to put a positive solution in place.

    An independent review allows sensible targets to be set and ensures effective monitoring and evaluation procedures are in place to make your fundraising strategies work harder for you and ultimately be more productive.